Emotional Stress Management
for Well-Being
5 week program

This program combines intuitive healing modalities and the science validated by HeartMath® approaching to customize a coaching plan to help you self regulate your STRESS level and to make better choices in the moment that over time and consistent practice will create a more effective and efficient way of responding to former triggers, programs and belief systems.


Daily our energy is pulled in many directions: career, family, pets, friends and responsibilities. Over time, we may notice that we are "not ourselves anymore". Sometimes, those around us may notice these changes and bring them to our attention and even well-meaning comments can leave us feeling guilty or ashamed.

Stress arises when a series of unusual or excessive demands threaten our well-being or integrity, valuing the external situation as something that exceeds our resources and endangers the personal well-being


The importance of stress-related disorders - such as depression and anxiety - in Western societies is well known. The figures are alarming:



- Clinical studies are related to 50% and 75% of all visits to the doctor are motivated mainly by stress and by the terms of mortality, stress is a more serious risk factor than tobacco.



  • ​​Do you have the feeling that an area of your life is “out of balance?

  • Is something keeping you up at night?  

  • Have you experienced stress-related symptoms? Like high blood pressure, chest pain, poor digestion, headaches, frustration, anxiety, low libido, sadness, exhaustion, overwhelm, loneliness, guilt, burn out...

  • Do you feel like in your professional life you're at a crossroads?

  • Do you have the sensation that your relationships are shifting or filled with strained communication?

  • Have you lost your purpose or meaning in life?

If so... this program is for You.

In this program you will receive the tools to self regulate to to achieve a personal coherent state on demand. This state will help you to be prepared, recover and adapt in stressful situations.


Some of the benefits you can have by following this program are; increased composure, more energy, clear thinking, enhanced immune-system function and hormonal balance.

This is a 5 week program with a once a week meeting commitment of  a 60 to 75 minutes of individual coaching via Skype or Facetime unless otherwise agreed.

The results of this program

are science based and they will depend on the consistency and practice of the participant.

The cost of this program is $845

Follow up sessions are available and are optional for participants of the program

For up to one year at the price of $140 for a 60 to 75 minute session.

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